Tuesday, May 6, 2014


one of the two classes i took last semester was photography.
i loved every second of it.
sadly, it kinda made me wish i had studied something with visual arts instead of linguistics, but hey, it was a fabulous experience.

here are some of the gems i turned in for assignments.

but i have to say that my favorite assignment of the whole semester was my final project.

here is my artist statement, just to give you an idea of what i wanted to create.

for my final, all of these were printed in black and white but some of them i prefer in color. it was seriously so much fun.
i think i have found a new hobby love.


all ends with beginnings.

the fact that i haven't blogged since january 23 is a tell-tale sign of just how crazy this past semester has been. i thought that by only taking two classes my last semester at BYU would be a walk in the park. not so.
i had the wonderful experience of participating in a student-giving campaign on campus. it was a ton of work but it paid off. it was so much fun to be able to pour yourself into something so big and so good. 

by the end of march i was beat though.
good thing that's when everything with school started to get busier as it was winding down.
but i managed to do well in my classes and on april 25 i officially became a college graduate!
and i got to graduate with this stud.

don't mind that we are both obviously terrible at taking pictures- so here are more pictures to sum up the last three months.

1. roses from valentine's day. i think i could get used to that...
[the rest are from our california trip.]
2. at a funeral but still being happy.
3. oceanside pier.
4. la jolla sunset.
5. la jolla sunset again.
6. san diego temple.

honestly, i just want to go back to california. and if, you know, our car broke down and we couldn't come back to utah, well it wouldn't be the end of the world...

more pictures:

1. i had the chance to participate in project youth at byu. so much fun.
2. me and my cheesy smile for my dad after i received my diploma.

so california was in february, choose to give and project youth were in march, and graduation was in april.
now i'm just finishing my last days at the Telefund and then i'll be looking for a big girl job. (yikes.)

not sure i want to be a part of the real world just yet, but i'm sure reality will hit me in the butt soon enough.

wish me luck.
or maybe wish the world luck.